I met the journalist Frieda Klotz at last year’s Fertility Show at Olympia. Most doctors, myself included are often a little nervous about interviews with journalists because it is so easy to be quoted out of context. Not so with this well-researched and sensitive piece. Frieda spent more than an hour with me, and has also contacted my good friends Paul Turek and Channa Jayasena, as well as many other notable researchers.

Frieda has used real stories to explore the loneliness and isolation of sub-fertile men and men with low levels of testosterone (also known as hypogonadism).

The important message is about our (the medical profession’s) failure to recognise Male infertility as a condition deserving investigation and treatment in its own right.

Without a diagnosis, these men miss out on the ‘care’ that a real condition deserves.

Imagine the outcry if doctors ceased to be sympathetic to the hormonal effects of the menopause, or if we suddenly ‘discovered’ that a significant number of young women had been born without any eggs at all, and then failed to look after them, with care, sensitivity, and both psychological and medical support.

Of course, as with all good journalism, Frieda tells a story, but it’s a good read and I commend it to you all: BRINGING ANDROLOGY – AND MALE FERTILITY – OUT OF THE SHADOWS

In the meantime, please stay safe …. I’m wearing a mask.  It’s not ideal for good communication, particularly with the emotional issues of fertility and failed treatments, but at least we have eye contact!

Alison is also now booking face-to-face (mask-to-mask!) appointments, and I look forward to seeing you.