Sperm storage or sperm freezing is a procedure that can be used for a number of different reasons to help prolong a man’s fertility.

Here are some of the most common reasons for men to have a sperm storage:

  • Cancer diagnosis
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Ejaculatory disorders
  • Gender reassignment
  • Prior to a vasectomy
  • After a vasectomy reversal
  • After a sperm retrieval
  • Social/ personal reasons e.g. starting a family later in life

Frequently asked questions about sperm storage

  • How long is the sperm stored for? – the sperm is usually kept for a 10-year period; however, this can be extended if the man has complete infertility.
  • How do I know it will lead to a successful pregnancy? – it is impossible to guarantee that a sperm storage will lead to a successful pregnancy, however, our team will work with you to ensure that we give you all the relevant information and therefore the highest possible success rate for you.
  • How is the sperm used? – when you decide to use your sperm store, your partner will need to have a form of assisted contraception treatment. This includes IVF and ICSI.
  • What happens beforehand? – before we freeze a sample you will be screened for STD to ensure that there is no risk of contamination. We also recommend that you have a test to check your sperm quality, which can help to have better results when thawing the sample.

The freeze and thaw process can have some effect on the quality and motility of the sperm; however, this will not have a negative effect on the pregnancy and is as safe as using fresh sperm (during ejaculation).

This article is intended to inform and give insight but not treat, diagnose or replace the advice of a doctor. Always seek medical advice with any questions regarding a medical condition.