Sperm mapping, also known as fine-needle aspiration is a diagnostic procedure, that was pioneered by Mr Jonathan Ramsay, used to identify areas in the testicle that are and are not producing sperm. This is used before a sperm retrieval to increase the chance of success. This is purely a diagnostic test and not a treatment, as no sperm is retrieved during the procedure.

Why might someone need sperm mapping?

This procedure is very good for patients that have been diagnosed with non-obstructive azoospermia. Sperm mapping is used to identify small areas within the testicle that have sperm and therefore have a route to follow when doing the sperm retrieval.

This minimally invasive procedure is not used by a lot of urologists around the world; however, Mr Ramsay believes it is an essential procedure to have when going through fertility treatment. By taking this extra step your urologist and embryologist will be able to confidentially predict how well your sperm retrieval will go beforehand.

Mr Ramsay is a UK leading expert and helped to pioneer sperm mapping in this country. This procedure has helped to improve the rate of successful pregnancy after a male fertility factor has been diagnosed.

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