First, I am sending greetings to all existing patients, and hope that you have all remained well.

Many of you have been in touch, with good news, some who have benefited from enforced rest, and some recreation, and have success to report whilst waiting for a cycle of treatment. Some others, who had procedures last year have sent pictures, so thank you, and congratulations!

Second, a warm welcome to those waiting to make an appointment. We are still not quite sure when we can definitely meet face-to-face, but Alison, my PA is making provisional bookings for the end of this month.

I think that we have finally mastered the art of telephone consultations, which have been very useful to prepare the way for investigations and advice before a formal consultation. The laboratories which we use (TDL in London and Fertility Solutions in London and Windsor) are now fully operational, so we are edging towards normality.

It was quite exciting to do my first “Distanced” clinic at The Agora Clinic in Hove last week- not so much face-to-face but more mask-to-mask.

Even more exciting, is the return of Sperm Retrieval operations at The Lister, we are starting this week!
So perhaps we are now experiencing the “New Normal”, and certainly I will be more at home with remote consultations which do have some advantages.

I hope you all stay well,
Jonathan Ramsay