At last, but just at the time of talk about a “second wave”, we have achieved a comfortable way of consulting. We are lucky to have a very large consulting room, which is well-ventilated and suited to social distancing.

Apart from the masks, we can now have proper consultations with men and their partners. The partners are so important, not only because they have often gone through so much, but also because they usually have all the details of the treatments to hand.

So do try to make a visit to see me in London, as I think we cover the ground more thoroughly than with a virtual consultation. It’s certainly a better and more fulfilling experience for me, and probably avoids a few follow-up emails!

Please do be in touch with Alison, who would be delighted to hear from you, and we will try to make progress, and keep ahead of the virus.

With our best wishes to all our patients, and do stay alert, particularly as COVID-19 can, even if briefly, affect fertility.

Jonathan and Alison