At last something positive to report!

With the help of my friends in London, Windsor, and The Examen Lab in Belfast, you can now arrange Semen Analyses and DNA fragmentation tests.

We have reserved some of the (limited) appointments at the TDL facility at 75 Wimpole Street from the 18th May onwards.

Appointment must be booked via their WEBSITE

Andrology Solutions will be running both types of tests in Windsor on 23rd May.

I should be able to see you for consultations, as soon as the effects of the new advice become evident, probably in the first week of June, but this might be sooner.

In the meantime, we are mastering the art of communicating quite effective on the phone.

Provided we set aside a good 45 mins, we do seem to be covering most areas, and at least I can keep everyone’s programme updated.

Alison is doing a wonderful job with your emails, and is in touch with me everyday ( )

So Stay Alert (Try to Stay Home) and above all Stay Well, until our next meeting.