This post comes with greetings to all our existing patients, and a warm welcome to those who have been waiting patiently.

I have just heard of another two pregnancies during Lockdown – enforced rest seems to be better for biology than it is for the economy. We will have some interesting data on the real effects of these lifestyle factors when we match these pregnancy rates to improvements in DNA fragmentation.

We have also reached a milestone in the relaxation of the restrictions on face-to-face consultations. With Alison’s tireless support we saw three men yesterday and there will be another three today. There is still a careful process to be followed, but ‘normality’ is just round the corner.

At present we are not booking couples – it’s ‘one person at a time’ in the consulting room at present, but I think this restriction will be relaxed over the next couple of weeks.

So congratulations to those who have succeeded, and for the rest…. Stay Safe…. and …. Optimistic!