“First I must apologise to all those of you who have been inconvenienced by my absence. It took sometime to get the right diagnosis, and as many of you know, you can’t make a plan without a diagnosis !
So I am pleased to report that the diagnosis was a leaky heart valve which was repaired 4 weeks ago without complications.
The return to work needs to be sensible and measured. We are planning to return to proper face to face consultations in the second week in February, followed by some operations later during that month.
I must thank all of my loyal staff, friends and colleagues who have stepped in to help , and particularly Alison , my PA who has had to manage the most difficult of all “crises “ which is uncertainty.
But now the uncertainty is over and I look forward to seeing some old friends and patients again, and of course some new couples, and I thank all of you for your patience,
Finally, over the next 3 weeks, I am doing a few telephone consultations, particularly suitable for reviewing results or preparing the way for those travelling long distances.”
With best wishes to you all,

Jonathan Ramsay