Easily the most frequently asked question currently is should I have my booster – I’m about to have fertility treatment? The answer is a resounding YES! Once again we are in an “evidence free zone” it is very clear that Covid infections can affect fertility whilst vaccination seldom causes even mild disturbances.

By having a booster you can protect each other, and most importantly you will protect each other from getting Covid during pregnancy.

So, although a few men particularly those who have had a vaccine reaction might suffer a brief reduction in sperm production this amounts to nothing compared with the possible damage that Covid and particularly long Covid might cause to fertility.

Of course, there are no reliable studies to “prove“ any of this, because it is only a relatively small number of individuals who have complete datasets. In order to have a complete dataset we need semen analyses and DNA fragmentation results taken immediately before and after either the Covid infection or the vaccination. Because there are three different vaccines and many young people have been Covid positive shortly after a vaccine we find it very difficult to establish cause and effect which then is obscured by the infection itself.

This month I am seeing so many of you who are about to have treatment early in 2022 all of you reasonably concerned about this new variant, should they delay having the booster, should they delay treatment. Just be reassured get boosted and carry on.

With my best wishes to all of you stay well and look after yourselves, look after each other.