The most significant sign for me that men are part of the whole fertility picture was an invitation to speak on a teaching course run by The Royal College of General Practitioners. This was a great opportunity to influence our colleagues in Primary Care, who are always the first port of call for most couples seeking help. At present, the inevitable consequence of a visit to your GP is waiting for the result of a semen analysis (notoriously difficult to interpret) and then a referral to a fertility unit, where some form of IVF is the inevitable outcome.

Together with a surprisingly large audience on Zoom, we covered a lot of questions about investigations and treatments which might be started before or as a prelude to referral.

Nutrition and Male Fertility

Then, last week I enjoyed an Instagram dialogue with my colleague Melanie Brown, a Nutritionist dedicated to improving Male and Female Fertility. As a nutritionist, Melanie has been interested in the effect of the “Microbiome” on fertility, as it is beginning to be clear that men and women might share a genital Microbiome which might influence their fertility.

Antibiotics in infancy and Male Fertility

Interestingly, research from America this week suggests that antibiotics used in early life and infancy might adversely affect health in adulthood due to obesity and diabetes – precisely those conditions which also affect fertility. So although it’s a truism, and therefore can be accused of being “pseudo-science” it is becoming increasingly likely that we are indeed what we eat!

New Fertility Platform

Next week I am due to contribute to a new fertility platform called the ‘fertility Circle’. I am hoping to encourage this new venture towards absolute Male Inclusivity.

On-site male fertility testing

In the meantime, on a much more parochial note, the Windsor Clinics are no more as the building has been sold for redevelopment. I know how many of you enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, the on-site and real-time tests and results from Claire and Erica (Fertility Solutions) and of course the free parking…

But good news! We are going to provide this service in 2021, at a spectacular new location in Beaconsfield. Lots of parking, very close to M25 and M40, and all tests and investigations on site.

Covid-19 and Male Fertility

Finally, please look after yourselves, and avoid that virus. Although it may take years to prove it, I think that there is gathering “experiential “ evidence (the scientists would call this anecdotal) that Covid-19 adversely affects male fertility.

All the best to current and future patients, Alison will do her best to accommodate you with appointments, and generally face-to-face” is a better option than voice and images,

Jonathan Ramsay.