Claire Mooney

Consultant Embryologist

Claire Mooney is a senior Healthcare Professionals Council (HPC) registered Clinical Embryologist with over 20 years of experience in assisted conception and andrology. She has worked in some of the most successful clinics in the world and has a special interest in male fertility. Claire studied at Imperial College and have a masters degree in Human Reproductive Biology, during which she conducted a research project into sperm motility and its effect on fertility.

Claire has worked with Jonathan for over ten years and began conducting the semen analyses for him four years ago. She now covers all of his Saturday Windsor Spire clinics and performs semen analysis as well as consult with his patients on lifestyle factors and donor sperm options. Claire also sees Jonathan's patients at Spire in his absence, during the week and, for the patient's convenience, in the evenings.  For semen analysis, I can be contacted directly on 01753 891118.

You can also visit my website: