lynne champan

Lynne Champan

Reproductive Consultant

Lynne is a UK clinical leader with more than 15 years of experience in evidence-based gynaecology, reproductive medicine & assisted conception.

Throughout her career, Reproductive Medicine Consultant Dr Lynne Chapman, MBBS BSc (Neuro) MRCOG, has been at the forefront of assisted conception and fertility science.


During that time, she has guided thousands of couples and families on their journey to conception with IVF, egg freezing, sperm and egg donor services, and fertility therapies.

She works in collaboration with leading laboratories and multidisciplinary teams including andrology, surgery, medical and obstetrics experts to provide outstanding personal and clinical care at every step of the journey.

Lynne is also proud to work with some of the UK’s foremost providers of complementary fertility therapies including dieticians, acupuncturists, counsellors and more.

From the initial consultation, Lynne offers a one-to-one approach that is unique in fertility care.