Melanie Brown


Melanie has worked with Jonathan Ramsay for over three years. She admires the fact that he is always open to different approaches for the treatment of male sub-fertility and is particularly interested in the way diet and lifestyle impact it. Melanie says 'He is my 'go to' reference for all things related to male fertility that occur within my own consultations; I have a section on urological symptoms for example and if something is flagged up, I know I have the right person to refer immediately to.'

Many patients are told there is nothing they can do to improve their fertility, but Melanie sincerely believe there is plenty one can do. There are multiple studies on the impact of say, an antioxidant rich Mediterranean Diet on semen parameters, and certainly obesity in particular may well negatively effect both testosterone metabolism and the molecular structure of sperm. In her MSc final research project she covered this topic. Melanie says 'My clients speak very highly of him, for many it is such a relief to see someone who has such a proactive approach, who looks for the reason why something may be wrong, rather than just treating the symptom. Between us we have tackled all sorts of seemingly 'untreatable' problems such as high DNA fragmentation, for example, where a combination of drug therapy and a focused diet and nutritional protocol, with perhaps weight loss, have improved all semen parameters leading to a more successful outcome, either natural conception or pregnancy through IVF/ICSI where none previously occurred.'