Despite the hint of a few ‘green shoots’ these are still worrying times, and quite desperate for some. My sympathy goes to all those affected by this virus, and of course to all of you whose treatments, and operations have been delayed.

Let us hope that we will be able to resume tests and investigations in about a month’s time, but surgery, invasive procedures, and of course cycles of IVF and ICSI may not be possible until July or August.

I feel that I have got to know many of you who may be reading this and waiting for the next cycle, only to have the hope that you had invested in the treatment snatched away.

But for some of you the delay just could be beneficial. In the past, we have always assumed that improvements in sperm quality and production took three months, and because the desire for conception is time urgent, we seldom wait much longer before launching into IVF.

For understandable reasons, there have been few long-term studies, looking at whether, when IVF is not an option, conceptions occur naturally.

Most of these studies were ‘observational’ and were published in the 1980s and 90s , before IVF and ICSI were widely available. Although not often quoted now, this data showed cumulative birth rates of 10-15%, and this was without any treatment or advice.

As many of you know, I am convinced that Nutrition and lifestyle are equally important for fertility. The benefits of nutritional advice (and careful use of antioxidants) have only recently been measurable by looking at the DNA quality of the Sperm. But because we are usually trying to improve things ’before the next cycle’ we seldom allow enough time to see what nature might have achieved alone.

So perhaps if we take care of Nutrition, antioxidants and lifestyle, take some advice, and of course remove some of the stresses of life before Covid-19, I expect that the natural conception rate over the next few months might surprise us all.

If anyone wants to be in touch, we are available by phone for 45 min consultations, and Alison will make appointments ( In the meantime, stay well, stay optimistic….and stay home !