I am delighted to welcome Dr. Anand Patel who will see both men and couples in my Consulting Rooms in London at 145 Harley Street. Appointments will be made by Alison, usually on a Monday.
Anand brings a new dimension to our combined Fertility Practice. As an expert in Men’s Health, Anand advises The Royal College of General Practitioners on this increasingly recognised and important medical issue.
It is common for men to have health issues both at the start of their journey and at the end -especially when they have needed surgical procedures. Often longer term consequences to men’s general health and wellbeing are overlooked, and with Anand’s help I think we will have a more comprehensive, sympathetic and holistic approach.
Anand will also provide tailored investigation and advice to men seeking fertility in the future who might not have been trying for long. This is an increasing need, often unmet, but which should be as important as our attempts to improve things further down the track.
So Anand gets a very warm welcome, together we will add breadth and better access.
If you would like to see Anand as a new patient, please contact Alison ( Alison.pa@jonathanramsay.co.uk ) who will make appointments for Anand and of course continue to do so for men and couples wishing to see me.
All the best to all of you still on your journeys.

You can view Anand’s full bio here.